“Ring” In The New Year! Stack It Up!

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Happy New Year!! Cheers to a fashionable, fabulous and fun 2015! To get the party started, lets start with your hands! Nails are just one of those things for a girl, that when they are all done and manicured to perfection you feel like you could conquer the world. NOW imagine adding fabulous chunky, dainty, midi, diamond rings to each and every one of your digits. The more the merrier! The possibilities are endless! Stack them high, stack them low, stack them on top of each other, to the side of each other, connect your fingers with a chain and if you’re one of those “fashion is pain” kind of people, try the 2 or 3 finger bar rings where your fingers are restricted and makes you feel like you only have 3 fingers (the struggle is real people) So in conclusion, we thank you Mr. T for your fashion forward style that inspired us ladies to be so swaggy (in a less tacky way of course) I pity the fool that doesn’t want to stack up!


mr t ring

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