Chloe Pre-Fall 2015: That 70’s “Fashion” Show

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Chloe’s new collection has me feeling all types of ways! It’s a complete throwback to all my favorite 70’s fashion icons…Bridgette Bardot, Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, Ali Macgraw, Cher…There are so many bohemian feminine touches such as lace, silk, florals and eyelet, but the thing I love the most is how it was all incorporated with boyish silhouettes like the two piece fabulous suits with wide leg pants. Also, the coats are nothing but “shear” brilliance! Particularly  the show stopping reversible quilted coat with checked lining and panels of tweed…siiiiighhh…And all the boots are so insane!  A girl could only dream about seeing them all lined up in her closet right beside the first coat listed below 🙂


Chloe chloe 2 chloe 3 chloe 4  chloe 6 chloe 7 Chloe

chloe chloe 11